Majestic Pet Dog Collar

As many of y’all know, we adopted a large dog a few years ago.  A staffordshire terrier mix.  Basically a pit bull.  Biggest baby ever.  Anyway, I needed a new collar for her.  Her old collar was all stained & dirty & I couldn’t find one like I had gotten before.  So I tried a few different ones from a large pet care store.  She’s not really a puller when she’s on her...

Of Demons & Stones: A Tri-Stone Trilogy by Anne Parks

The description: Kylie Tate is highly successful and focused on her future. No one sees the fear that consumes her, ravaged by demons from a past that left her distrustful of love.  Alex Stone is rarely denied. Not by business associates, and certainly not the women he dates and forgets. Romance is never an option. That is until beautiful, sexy, too damned independent Kylie comes into his life and...

Adorlee hand cream

I love lotion, and I love hand creams.  I have a very few I can use, due to the funky chemical smell & my migraines.  I had a lavender lotion from a well known bath and body store that I thought smelled good & worked pretty well. Until I found this from Adorlee.  Oh.  My.  Stars.  The lavender smells so clean & fresh.  There’s absolutely NO funky chemical smell.  And the way it...

100 Assorted Pokemon Card Lot with Random 6 Foil Cards

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  I don’t know the first thing about Pokemon.  The only thing I know is my oldest played with it (and he’s about to be 22 now!), then my 14 year old played with it, and now my 12 year old played with it.  I know who Pikachu is.  Then I saw the chance to review a set of 100 assorted Pokemon cards.  I figure, I’ll try it..and I’ll win...

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Thermometer

I’m so glad I got the chance to review this meat thermometer.  This is by far the best kitchen thermometer I’ve ever used. I really like how it’s got a cover.  No more stabbing myself when I’m pushing stuff around the drawer. The temperature registers very quick.  I love that I can make sure everything is cooked throughout instead of seeing the outside all nice & cooked &...

Bully Sticks from WyldLife Pets

I love my dog like she’s one of my kids.  So I only want to give her the best when it comes to treats and her food.  When I saw these Bully Sticks all natural treats I was really excited for her to try them. First off…take a look at my pretty girl. She’s the princess of the house, my sweet girl Bailey. As I said, I was really excited for her to try these treats. When I first opened them,...

Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightener Brush

I have to admit, I love the look of smooth hair, but sometimes using a flat iron takes too long.  Enter the Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightener Brush. I really like this.  It smoothes your hair, without having the stick straight, limp, lifeless hair you can sometimes get using a flat iron.  To me, it looks like a natural smooth. I have tried another straightening brush and I have to say, I like this one...

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