Airheads crafts


Justin was over the moon when I told him I was selected to get a box of Airheads to craft with.  He LOVES Airheads.  So I get the box & holy smokes at the amount of stuff in there!!


There was 15 Airheads strips, 2 bags of the bites, a package of the Extremes, 2 crafting tools & 4 sucker sticks.  It was all I could do to keep him from just eating them!  They kind of sat around with Halloween coming up, they kind of slipped my mind.  Justin reminded me today about crafting with them, so we got them out & played.


I figured I’d lay down parchment paper so nothing would stick to my table.  At first they were very stiff & not very malleable, so I tried heating them in the microwave.  About 5 seconds was all it took to get them more pliable & more easily molded.  We rolled them out on the parchment paper, played with different shapes, cut them, then started all over again.  Take a look at a few of the things we made:


Justin made a duck, then turned it into Olaf.


I made an Auburn University logo:


And of course, being Southern, I had to do a monogram:


Justin wanted to do a US flag for his daddy, who served 28 years in the Marine Corps, so I helped him do that:


All we did for each of these fun crafts was roll the Airheads into logs or roll it into a ball.  We still have lots of Airheads left, so I can see us doing more crafts soon!

Kari 2

*Disclaimer: I got these fun products free from Smiley360.*

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