Angel Crafts Adhesive Vinyl Sheets


I absolutely adore these vinyl sheets from Angel Craft.  I usually get 12×12 but cut to the size I need so I end up with a lot of scraps, so these 6×12 worked great!  And oh my stars at all the colors!  I expected there to be multiple sheets of the same colors, but it’s not.  I think there were 2 sheets each of white & black, but the rest is all different colors.


There’s a wonderful assortment of colors.  These sheets are on the thin side, so when you place your vinyl, it almost blends with where you place it.  I used a craft cutter & at first I used too much pressure, so it went all the way through the backing sheet, so I would recommend you not use heavy pressure.  I found a 10 worked great for me.  I’m from the South & we monogram everything.  I did a sign for my front door, a monogram for my tablet case & another little project I’ve wanted to do.





This last one is white layered on the red.  I really love how all my projects turned out.  You can pick up your own pack of 35 assorted colored 6×12 sheets of vinyl here.  If you’re interested in watching the video review I did, you can check it out here.  #angelcrafts

I love this vinyl!

Kari 2
*Disclaimer: I got this product free or deeply discounted in exchange for my honest review.*

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