As a part of the digital scrapbooking community, we always hear “Back up your files!”  Well, I had backed up my 1 TB ehd to Mozy.  Took forever to get it done.  Been paying $4.95 a month for the past 14 months.  Well, my ehd crashed.  I didn’t try to get anything off, cause hey, it was all backed up on Mozy!  Well, I got my replacement hard drive the other day.  I go to restore my files.  I find out that basically it’s been running & running for months, but not doing anything.  This is a transcript of my chat with Spencer at Mozy:

Spencer Eyring: Hello,
Thank you for contacting Mozy Support. My name is Spencer and I will be helping you today. Please allow me a moment to pull up your account information. While I do please list the details of your issue and any information that you think may be helpful.
Kari Nichols: I was trying to restore files from my external hard drive that was backed up (drive G) but all I’m showing was backed up was 2.1 GB
Spencer : I see, I’ll pull up the account on the server and see what the file manifest shows…
Spencer : Have it up now, just a moment…
Spencer : Alright, looking at the backup logs it looks like although you had 700GB of data selected there were only 2.4 GB of data that actually uploaded. The logs show that your backups were being prevented by a FileSystemError4, which indicates hard drive errors.
Spencer Eyring: The last backup attempt was 11/01 (not counting the 11/23 which was not able to run and had only 9 GB of files selected)
Kari : i got a message that everything was backed up
Spencer : Where did you receive this message?
Kari : on the backup display screen
Kari: where it shows what is actually being archived
Spencer : I’m not showing any sucessful backups on the server logs. This was under the account XXXXXXX@gmail.com, correct?
Kari : yes
Spencer : The file manifest shows that only one file from the E drive was ever successfully backed up.
Kari : i was getting a filesystem error at one point, started a ticket & it was resolved
Kari : omg
Kari : this is not good
Kari : pictures that can’t be replaced, thousands of dollars worth of scrapbooking material
Kari : all backed up to Mozy. or so I thought
Kari : and my ehd went bad. I sent it back, thinking I could resore all my files
Spencer : I’m trying to dig further to see if I can find any files from the old system that you stopped backing up in early 2010, but there is no certainty as to what I’ll find…
Kari : then why did I get a message confirming the initial backup was complete?
Spencer : It may be that this initial backup didn’t include all of the files, but rather the generic set. It would be hard to tell with out the log files. Do you know if you have reinstalled Mozy in the past few months?
Kari : not that I can recall.
Kari : but I would see the names of files on the display that were on my G drive
Spencer : alright, I’m going to prepare a download for you that will collect the log files and may allow me to see the problem…
Kari : i hope so. cause this is NOT cool. I got a confirmation that the initial backup was complete, after seeing files on my G drive that was being backed up, now I’m being told that basically NOTHING has been backed up in over a year.
Spencer : alright, what version of windows do you have?
Kari : vista
Spencer : Alright, download the file found at the following link:

Yep, you read that right.  700 GB of data that never was backed up.  I am sick.  Pictures that can’t be replaced, easily over $1000 worth of digital scrap material, photoshop actions & styles.  Not to mention all my scrap pages I have saved in layers.  I have the pages themselves uploaded at Persnickety Prints, so those are OK, but everything else I purchased or downloaded before November 18, 2010 is gone.  POOF.  So take my experience as a warning.  Back everything up twice or 3 times.  Ya never know what’s going to happen.

Edited to add:

I just got this in an email from Mozy:

“Looking through the log files that you sent I am seeing more evidence that the G: Drive was not backed up, as well as numerous instances of I/O failures (had contacted Mozy abt this previously & I thought we got it fixed) when trying to access it and the E: Drive.  The manifest also confirms this.

Now, it is likely that there is no way for us to find this data, however I am going to escalate this case up to the senior technicians in case they are able to find a way to restore your data.  They will contact you when they have been able to go over the information.”

So it looks like all my irreplaceable pictures are gone.  All my scrap stuff is gone.  All my actions, styles, all the other files I had on my G drive…gone.

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