Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightener Brush


I have to admit, I love the look of smooth hair, but sometimes using a flat iron takes too long.  Enter the Beautonics Advanced Hair Straightener Brush. I really like this.  It smoothes your hair, without having the stick straight, limp, lifeless hair you can sometimes get using a flat iron.  To me, it looks like a natural smooth.



I have tried another straightening brush and I have to say, I like this one a WHOLE lot more.  It heats up very quickly, by the time I get my hair blow dried it’s ready to go.  The cord is very long, but it’s not so long that it gets in the way.  A feature I really like is the power button and heat setting buttons are set in a little indention on the handle.  So there’s no accidentally bumping it & changing the temperature.


I used it while staying out of town, so this was a real test.  My after picture is after a day spent in the heat & humidity that is Spring in the deep South.

before & after brush

 Normally my hair is super frizzy in these conditions.  With this straightening brush, I had noticeably less frizz & a whole lot more smooth.  To use, all you do is after blow drying you brush out your hair as you normally would.  Then a few passes with this brush.  I love the smoothness!  You can grab yours here.  #Beautonics

Kari 3
*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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