Brooklyn Beans Roastery coffee review


Y’all know we drink some coffee around here.  Nick likes his hot, I like mine iced.  I was really excited to try the Brooklyn Beans Roastery coffee in the Corner Donut shop flavor.



This smells so good & rich when it’s brewing.  Thank goodness for the Keurig & it only taking a few seconds to brew!  Nick really likes it.  He’s been a big fan of say brand D coffee for years, and he’s never liked brand S coffee.  He said this is very close to his D brand coffee, it’s got a smooth, rich flavor with no burnt taste like brand S.


I made my iced coffee this morning & I’m on my 4th one.  I usually have 1, maybe 2.  I’ve tried different brands, stores & restaurant coffees.  Usually once it gets cold, it ends up with a bitter taste.  This didn’t.  Not at all.  The way I make my iced coffee is to brew a cup, then put it in the fridge overnight in a travel cup.  I usually use about half the cup in a 24 oz cup filled with ice.  I use 1 creamer, a tablespoon of vanilla syrup, usually 2 sugars (or 2 packets of Splenda) & top it off with skim milk.  I didn’t need the sweetener at all using this coffee.  It’s not bitter, it’s got a good, smooth, full flavor.


Oh my stars, heaven in a cup!!

And the price of these Kcups?  I expected them to be higher.  Much higher with how good this tastes and the quality.  Nope.  It’s less expensive than the ‘popular’ brands.  And I can’t say this enough.  It.  Tastes. Better.  Much better.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Take a look for yourself.  You can find Brooklyn Beans Roastery coffees on Amazon here.  You can like them on Facebook here,  & don’ forget to follow them on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

Kari 3

*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review.  All experiences and opinions are my own.*


2 Responses to “Brooklyn Beans Roastery coffee review”

  1. We have been drinking their coffee since discovering them about three years ago because like you said it is smooth not bitter.

  2. jill says:

    This coffee is a delightful brew! I love it over ice too, it’s the best way to drink it during the warmer months! A rich bold flavor and cool and refreshing!

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