Bully Sticks from WyldLife Pets


I love my dog like she’s one of my kids.  So I only want to give her the best when it comes to treats and her food.  When I saw these Bully Sticks all natural treats I was really excited for her to try them.

First off…take a look at my pretty girl.


She’s the princess of the house, my sweet girl Bailey.

As I said, I was really excited for her to try these treats.



When I first opened them, I noticed there was NO funky smell.  You know that smell I mean.  You open most dog treats and you’re hit with that funky, fake, almost chemical meat smell.  Not this.  Yes, it smelled, but it wasn’t that fake smell.

However, my Bailey has turned into Miss PickyPants & she wouldn’t eat these treats.  I was so bummed, cause I needed to review these.  So I figured I’d send them to my mom & see if a dog she takes care of liked them.

Meet Lil Homie.


Mama didn’t get any pics of him enjoying them, but she said he tore them up!  She said he LOVED them.  He threw them around at first, playing with them, then he settled in & ate them in no time.  So all in all, these were a hit, as long as your dog isn’t super picky.  *side eyes Bailey*

You can pick yours up here.  #wyldlifepets

Kari 3

*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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