Cage’s Misconduct: NHL Scorpions, Book 3 by Nikki Worrell book review



Cage’s Misconduct.  Where to start.  The first couple of paragraphs I thought “Oh, this isn’t for me.”I thought it was going to be a book full of wham bam, thank you ma’am.  Ohhhh BOY was I wrong.  There’s a way deeper story.  You have Cage.  Hockey badboy & a MAJOR playboy.  Attitude to spare.  A guy everyone on the team knows is a player.

Then you have Karen.  Sister to one of Cage’s former teammates.   Karen’s Canadian, so she’s in San Diego temporarily especially when her job working with special needs kids is eliminated.  Karen is kind & sweet, and the baby sister of Jody, who is super protective of her.  You get to know some of the things that’s happened to Karen, including abuse at the hands of an ex when she was young which is the reason for Jody’s overprotectiveness.

Cage sees Karen at the wedding of a teammate & sets his sights on her, but she’s no fool.  She doesn’t fall for his charms.  All she’s interested in is friendship.  Cage is OK with that, to start with.  He never hides the fact that he wants her.

After a while, she changes her mind on the physical side of their relationship.  They’re on their way to his place when the unthinkable happens.  Drunk kids, speeding, and running red lights.  I won’t tell any more, but at this point, you get into an even deeper story.

It’s a lot sweeter than I anticipated.  Like I said, at first I thought this book wasn’t for me, but a few paragraphs in & I was hooked.  I will say it can be a little confusing, it alternates perspective. One chapter is from Cage’s point of view, the next is Karen’s.  You have your parts where you laugh, you have parts where you cry.  You get mad, I mean good and mad.  And you have your omg, how beautiful is that parts.  Yes, the main characters are hockey players.  You don’t have to be a hockey fanatic to read it.  I know a little bit about hockey, thanks to my hubby & son’s love of it, but there’s a glossary of terms at the beginning so you’re not wondering what a term of phrase means, and while hockey is a big part of what’s going on, that’s not ALL there is to this book.  I started this book Saturday afternoon & had it finished by Sunday night.  It’s a really good story that really pulls you in. I can’t wait to read the first two books in the series!  And I would LOVE a followup to this story!  You can get you copy of this great book here.

Kari 4

*Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for my honest review.*

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  1. Thanks for the great review and today’s post!

  2. I’m so glad you connected with Cage & Karen. Thanks for the review!

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