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6 years

It’s been 6 years since we lost my Grandmama. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.  I miss...

Happy birthday Sean!

I can NOT believe he’s 14 already.  Seems like just yesterday he was a chunky baby, now he’s growing up! I know, not the best of pictures, but it’s all I have from when he was born.  Long story.  Anyway, happy birthday Sean.  I love you to the ends of the world & back...


It was 5 years ago today that we woke up to find you had gone home.  I miss you every day.  You’re never far from my thoughts.  I miss you and I love...

Holy smokes!

Yeah, it’s been a little while since I posted.  We’re staying busy.  School started for us on July 7…I have 2 middle schoolers!!  How did this happen?  Just yesterday the boys were babies, still in diapers, right?  But we’re staying busy with school & general boydom.  We’re still not playing baseball cause our grades aren’t where they need to be *side eyes Sean*,...

Happy birthday Shane

I am in total shock writing this.  How can this sweet, tiny, little itty bitty baby (OK, so maybe not tiny or itty bitty, he was 7 lbs 13.5 oz & 21.5 inches long) be all grown up?  My oldest baby (and yes, you are still my baby) is 21 today.  21!?!?!?!  I remember it like it was yesterday.  9 AM on a Saturday morning.  And that was the last time he got up early voluntarily since.  lol  In all...

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