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NoiseHush NX85 Earphones

Nick is notorious for taking my earbuds.  So I was really happy to be able to review this set, just for him!  Well, OK, for him & Sean to share.  Ya know, if Sean ever gets a chance to use them.  These earbuds came in a very nice looking, sturdy box with a really nice little storage bag. First off, I love the bright red color!!  It shows up against almost anything, it looks great & it pops!!  The...

iFlash® 2 Pack of Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

I have to say, this was by far the easiest screen protector EVER to apply. My husband just got a new iPad for work & he applied a regular screen protector on it. Holy SMOKES at the bubbles. There were bubbles on top of bubbles.  This was delivered the other day, but he didn’t have a chance to put it on until today. He thought it was going to take a while & be difficult. It took all of 3...

Stalion® Selfie Stick

I had heard the hype about selfie sticks but had never seen one in use until we spent a week at Disney. I saw so many get confiscated at the gates (they aren’t allowed in the parks), it made me even more curious about them.   (Even with all the grief I got from my hubs about wanting to try a selfie stick.)  Then I had the chance to try one. Oh man, this thing is NEAT! It allows you to get a wider...

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