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Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil – Brooklyn Botany

I was really excited to try & review this Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil from Brooklyn Botany.  We use essential oils in this house on an almost daily basis.  Especially at night.  One of my boys has serious sleep issues & bloody noses, so I need something that can help him. I put a couple drops in the diffuser I have downstairs in our living room around 8, to help everyone mellow out and get...

All powercore pacs

I’ve been using All for years, since I married my husband. It was always recommended for washing his cammies when he was an active duty US Marine. And it performed so well, I just continued to use it even after he retired. One of our kids is all about sports & he’s always playing. He’s also the first one in the dirt. He’s really hard on clothes as far as stains go. Baseball,...

Sturdy Metal Flag Stand + American Flag

This is a sturdy flag stand. I was wondering if it could be sturdy with how tall & thin the stand was. You’re kind of on your own to put it together, there’s no assembly instructions. Putting the stand itself together is kind of self explanatory, but I was a little confused on the rubber stopper. If you’re not familiar with garden flags (I’m not) you can look at the preview...

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