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100 Assorted Pokemon Card Lot with Random 6 Foil Cards

I’m going to be completely honest with you.  I don’t know the first thing about Pokemon.  The only thing I know is my oldest played with it (and he’s about to be 22 now!), then my 14 year old played with it, and now my 12 year old played with it.  I know who Pikachu is.  Then I saw the chance to review a set of 100 assorted Pokemon cards.  I figure, I’ll try it..and I’ll win...

Happy birthday Sean!

I can NOT believe he’s 14 already.  Seems like just yesterday he was a chunky baby, now he’s growing up! I know, not the best of pictures, but it’s all I have from when he was born.  Long story.  Anyway, happy birthday Sean.  I love you to the ends of the world & back...

Harry Potter Wand

My son LOVES this wand! He’s a big Harry Potter fan. We went to Universal Studios a few years ago & he didn’t express an interest in a wand while we were there, but he did after we got home. And every time we watched the movies, he would express an interest. I thought well, darn the luck, we’ll have to go back to Universal & get him one. Then I found this. It looks exactly like...

Apple & Eve Organics VoxBox

I was chosen to receive an Influenster VoxBox with Apple and Eve’s organic juice and quenchers juice boxes.  When I told the boys it was coming, they absolutely flipped.  They love juice!  Well, this came in the mail yesterday.  Sean checked the mail & came running, hollering “Mama, it’s here!!!  Can I have some juice?!”  Before he even gives me the box!  So I get the box open...

Holy smokes!

Yeah, it’s been a little while since I posted.  We’re staying busy.  School started for us on July 7…I have 2 middle schoolers!!  How did this happen?  Just yesterday the boys were babies, still in diapers, right?  But we’re staying busy with school & general boydom.  We’re still not playing baseball cause our grades aren’t where they need to be *side eyes Sean*,...

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