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Glass Meal Prep Containers review

These Asani glass meal prep containers are amazing. My son hates any of his food to touch. This has become his favorite plate for meals. It’s also great for leftovers. I like the weight of it, it’s a little on the heavy side-but that just means to me it’s sturdy. And being dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer & oven safe, do you really need anything else? There’s a fork,...

Stash Earl Grey tea k-cup singles

I was given the opportunity to try and review a new-to-me hot tea. It’s the Stash Earl Grey k-cup singles. I like hot teas, (I know, weird being from the South) but I’ve always had the flavored teas like peppermint, chamomile and the like. I was really excited to try this tea. It’s got a full flavor, very smooth, even before you add sugar, milk or honey. The unflavored hot teas...

Java Factory Blueberry Shortcake k-cups review

I was given the opportunity to try and review a new flavored coffee from Java Factory.  It’s Blueberry Shortcake. I would never have thought of a blueberry shortcake coffee, but it works!  It’s not overpowering, you don’t get a strong blueberry flavor, more of hint of it.  It’s a little too sweet for my husband, but I liked it, and so did several of my co-workers. In my opinion,...

Brooklyn Beans Roastery Hot Chocolate review

This month I was sent a box of Brooklyn Beans Roastery milk chocolate hot chocolate to review. Sean was over the moon when I told him, that kid loves hot chocolate.  To be honest, I thought hot chocolate was hot chocolate.  But this…wow.  It’s rich and creamy without being too rich.  It’s got a good, smooth flavor that tastes like you mixed melted chocolate and cream.  There’s no...

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Red Velvet coffee

I was really tickled to get the Brooklyn Bean Roastery Red Velvet coffee kcups the other day.  I’m a huge fan of red velvet cake.  This coffee doesn’t disappoint!!  You get the rich, full flavor coffee in the first sip, then you get just a hint of that rich red velvet at the end.  I would honestly love to know how Brooklyn Bean Roastery can knock it out of the park, coffee after coffee....

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