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All powercore pacs

I’ve been using All for years, since I married my husband. It was always recommended for washing his cammies when he was an active duty US Marine. And it performed so well, I just continued to use it even after he retired. One of our kids is all about sports & he’s always playing. He’s also the first one in the dirt. He’s really hard on clothes as far as stains go. Baseball,...

TAZO chai teas

I got the chance to try TAZO chai teas recently.  Now I’m not a big hot tea drinker (I’m Southern after all, we drink our tea sweet & over ice) but I have been known to drink a cup here & there.  Especially now that it’s cooling off. It really is a great way to wake up on a chilly fall morning: my favorite mug, my Keurig & a cup of tea.  That chocolate is really yummy! I...

Airheads crafts

Justin was over the moon when I told him I was selected to get a box of Airheads to craft with.  He LOVES Airheads.  So I get the box & holy smokes at the amount of stuff in there!! There was 15 Airheads strips, 2 bags of the bites, a package of the Extremes, 2 crafting tools & 4 sucker sticks.  It was all I could do to keep him from just eating them!  They kind of sat around with Halloween coming...

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