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iFlash® 2 Pack of Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

I have to say, this was by far the easiest screen protector EVER to apply. My husband just got a new iPad for work & he applied a regular screen protector on it. Holy SMOKES at the bubbles. There were bubbles on top of bubbles.  This was delivered the other day, but he didn’t have a chance to put it on until today. He thought it was going to take a while & be difficult. It took all of 3...

Stalion® Selfie Stick

I had heard the hype about selfie sticks but had never seen one in use until we spent a week at Disney. I saw so many get confiscated at the gates (they aren’t allowed in the parks), it made me even more curious about them.   (Even with all the grief I got from my hubs about wanting to try a selfie stick.)  Then I had the chance to try one. Oh man, this thing is NEAT! It allows you to get a wider...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Inch Case

I was really excited to get a chance to review a case for a Samsung tablet. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a cute case for a maybe not as “in” or popular tablet? I love my Galaxy Tab 4 & this case is the icing on the cake. First off, this is adorable! It’s cute without looking like it was made for kids, it fits perfectly, all the cutouts are there for your camera,...

Bvgande [BVG Technology] 2.1-Amp Glossy Small-Sized Portable Universal 2.0 USB Charger Plug

I recently got a car charger to try & review.  I had a feeling I was going to lose it, since Nick is always *ahem* misplacing his. This neat, not so little, charger is great.  It works great, it comes with a 4 foot USB cord, so he can use his phone while it’s charging.  It’s not small, so it won’t get lost in his truck like some of the smaller chargers have. So win/win, charger that...

Sumsonic Portable and Adjustable Tripod

This is one seriously handy little tripod.  My son hates to hold my phone so I can do video reviews.  Now I don’t have to ask him (and get that teenage attitude) I can just use this to hold my phone. It comes in 2 pieces, the mount that holds the phone screws into the base really easily. It works by either wrapping the legs around an object or you can use it with the legs standing straight.  The...

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