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Tips for Your Job Search – The Truths That Debunk the Myths

  Tips for Your Job Search: The Truths That Debunk the Myths   Regardless of the length of your military career, re-entering civilian life can be a challenge. Unfortunately, every member of the military has heard some myths about job searching in the private sector. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the process, you need to find help learning the truth about what you will face. I’ve collected...

Guest blogger- Emma

I was approached a couple weeks ago by another blogger, named Emma, about doing a guest post here.  I had never done any guest blogging, or been asked about someone doing a post on my page, so I was curious.  She has a pretty darn cool page, you can find it here, and she writes about a variety of things.  You can kind of get lost in what she writes, there’s so much there!  Take a look at her page,...

Happy Father’s Day

I want to take a minute to say a big Happy Father’s Day to my dad & to my darling hubby.  It’s so weird being away from Nick, & I miss him with all that I am.  I love you, Nick.  You are an amazing daddy to our boys.  I hope you have a great day.  The boys & I miss you so very much & we can’t wait to see...

rainy Thursday

It’s rainy here today.  We’ve had a threat of thunderstorms all week, but we’ve only had showers.  My plan for today is laundry.  Yeah, I lead SUCH a glamorous life.  I’ve made a little progress on my to-do list for when we leave.  I got a temporary tag (mine expires at the end of the month & I didn’t want to renew it here since we’re leaving) so I’m good on...

new pages

Yep, a couple more new pages.  I haven’t scrapped this much in a LONG time!!  Love having some fun & amazing chicks to scrap for.  Amber is knocking out the templates left & right, I’m still trying to get caught up on Micheline’s releases from iNSD, & Meagan’s as always keeping me hopping. Sweet, right?  I know.  lol I’m just amazed at how fast time is coming for...

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