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This first bit is all about digi scrap stuffs, so if you’re not into that, just skip down. ¬†ūüôā Can I just say holy COW at the iNSD festivities?! ¬†{inter}National Scrapbook Day for you non-scrappers. ¬†The party started in the digi world a week ago & oh my stars at the freebies, the sales, the games, give-a-ways & so forth. ¬†My girls went NUTS. ¬†Micheline went inSANE with her eleventy thousand...

new pages & news

Wow. ¬†My last post was on April 1, on Sean’s birthday. ¬†April has been a roller coaster month of highs & lows, semi-warm days & more snow. ¬†One of the big highs was that we added to our family on April 13. ¬†We adopted a 2 1/2 year old Staffordshire terrier mix named Bailey. ¬†She looks like a pit, I know. ¬†And just FYI, I firmly believe certain dog breeds get a seriously bad rap due to...

Happy birthday!!

My son Sean’s 11th birthday is today! ¬†How can he be 11 already? ¬†Wasn’t he just starting¬†preschool¬†the other day?? ¬†Happy birthday, my Sweetcheeks. ¬†I love you more than I can begin to tell...

pages & stuff

So I have pages. ¬†But first, we lost Abby. ¬†We had her put to sleep on Friday, March 1. ¬†It’s so incredibly hard to look around the house & not see her. ¬†I step out of the shower & expect her to be on the mat. ¬†I go to bed & I get a shock cause her bed’s not next to mine. ¬†Juice bottles sit where her dishes used to sit. ¬†I still bawl at the drop of a hat. ¬†I miss my little girl....


Abby’s not getting any better. ¬†In fact, she’s gotten much worse very quickly. ¬†In fact, now she’s dragging her back legs as they’re not working. ¬†Nick & I don’t want to have the boys see her dragging herself around all weekend, so he’s taking her to the vet tomorrow. ¬†Judge if you will, but I just can’t take her. ¬†I’m already a mess just typing this. ¬†I...

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