Colt by Jacquelin M. Sinclair release blitz & review

Title: COLT
Series: Demons of Destruction Book 1
Author: Jacqueline M. Sinclair
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Colt Johnson
Looking at me today, you’d never know me as the man I used to be. This time last year, I was steps away from the NFL, but a phone call from my mother changed everything. “You make them pay. Every last one of them.”
My dad had been murdered, left to die in a filthy, roadside bathroom. I was consumed with a hate so strong that I gave up everything to join his brothers. Now I’m a fully patched Demon, and it’s time for war.
Maci Newman
I didn’t know where else to go. The Demons of Destruction MC needed information, and I needed protection. 
Meeting Colt was a twist I hadn’t expected. The pictures in the paper didn’t do him justice, and when we met, there was an attraction I couldn’t explain. I know he feels it too, but the very thing that brought us together could be what tears us apart.

Once he gets his revenge, he’ll never be the same. Once he learns I’m the reason his father died, neither will we.

Jacqueline grew up in the rural southeast and is the youngest child of a large and rowdy family. Reading was an escape when there wasn’t much else around to do. She loves everything from classical literature to true crime and everything in between. With her two children grown and gone, she’s surrounded by a menagerie of adopted pets and a two-legged thief who refused to give her heart back after a night of karaoke. 

With a day job and a dream job, her writing is a steamy combination of real life and seeking to answer the age-old question of what would happen if…and then characters come along and completely derail the plan. Letting them have their say provides plenty of sleepless nights and an endless combination of coffee and wine, but she hopes you enjoy their stories.
My review:
WOW.  OK, it took a little bit to get into it, and some of the terminology threw me off a little, but once I got into it, it really picked up & just flew.  It broke my heart what happened to Maci in the very beginning, but her determination to see that justice was served showed how strong of a woman she was.  Then you meet Colt, Maci’s savior’s son.  Colt leaves behind his budding NFL career to join the motorcycle club his father was a member of to get justice for his father’s murder.  Colt is a very blunt, take me as I am kind of guy.  Maci is sweet & quiet, until Colt pushes her buttons, then she comes out full of sass.  The story is so well told that you can hear the waves lapping at the bank, you can smell the lake water.  I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll say that there’s highs, lows, excitement, sadness, anger and happiness.  I honestly liked this book a lot.  It took maybe 10% into it for me to get completely sucked in, and when I did, I only put it down when I fell asleep.  I loved this story & I can’t wait for the next one, to find out Tucker’s story!


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