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OK, so I disappeared again.  Did you have a good 4th of July?  We had a hanging out at the house kind of holiday.  Nick had to do another casualty call at the end of June & the funeral for the fallen Marine was on July 3rd, so he stopped after going wide open, helping the family, trying to make everything as easy for them as possible.  The Marine’s father called Nick on the 4th and thanked him again for everything he had done for his family.

I’m still dealing with hives/itchy splotches.  Yesterday I woke up looking like I had a botched botox job.  My lips & face were so swollen.  Ahhh yesterday.  After waking up looking like a duck, I wanted a do-over.  But then the boys got up & I knew I wasn’t getting one.  We started cleaning up bedrooms *looks at the kidlets* & Sean comes running out of his room, crying for all he’s worth.  His baseball trophy fell off his windowsill & caught him right on the lip.  I get him calmed down & get the blood wiped off his face & figure he’s just earned his first trip to the ER.  I was afraid it had knocked his front tooth/teeth loose but it didn’t.  He had a majorly fat lip all of yesterday, but no stitches were needed.  Teeth are fine, not loose or chipped.  After we went for Justin’s doctor appointment yesterday Sean said his head hurt, so he went to lay down for abt 15 mins.  It never slowed his talking down a bit.  I joked with him that the ER docs were going to stitch his lips closed.  He just gave me the “C’mon Mama” look.  Today his lip isn’t even fat.  Yeah, he’s got a pretty good cut on his lip, and if he’d ever quit picking at it, it’ll heal up soon.

Justin’s appointment.  He saw a child psychiatrist yesterday who asked a bunch of questions, listened to what Nick & I had to say, asked Justin a few questions & said it really does sound like he has Asperger’s & ADD.  He wants Justin to see a neuropsychologist for testing to confirm the Asperger’s.  Today we went to his orthopedic doctor for a recheck on his foot.  We got his AFO brace on June 26 & was under the impression he had to wear it with his shoes.  Well, today we find out he has to wear it all the time.  He’s not too thrilled with that, but if it’s what we have to do to keep his foot straight, we do it.  The doc said maybe in 6 months he can go to just wearing it at night.  We go back in 3 months.

Tomorrow we don’t do much of anything, maybe groceries.  But Friday I go back to my allergist.  I had Sean take pics of the splotches on my arms since they always clear up before my appointments.  He was kinda laughing at me while he was taking the pics, but he was also “Aw Mama, I don’t like it when you itch”  but he was laughing that I looked funny.  Goofy kid.

I’m ready to just have a few days where we just goof off.  Nick has to go to Nashville at the end of the month, we’ve been talking abt all of us driving down w/him.  We’re also planning our Florida trip, but not Disney this year (so sad!).  Just a week of kind of turning off.  Hanging out, checking out some of the local attractions, other than just Disney.  But Justin is still pushing for Disneyland in CA.  Dude, Carsland is open.  I would love to go to CA, since I’ve never been there & Walt Disney actually had his hand in every aspect of Disneyland…but that’s the Disney fanatic in me.  Although I think Justin’s catching up w/me there.  Nick’s never been to Disneyland, either.  He’s been outside & he’s been to Downtown Disney in CA, but not in the parks.

OK, on that note, I’m going to close & go fix supper.  Ya’ll try to stay cool & take it easy!


OH, almost forgot!  I’m scrapping again.  I took a while off, but I’m easing back into it.  The sweet & adorable Anna of Templates by Anna-Poos is letting me use her fabulous templates.


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