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This first bit is all about digi scrap stuffs, so if you’re not into that, just skip down. ¬†ūüôā

Can I just say holy COW at the iNSD festivities?! ¬†{inter}National Scrapbook Day for you non-scrappers. ¬†The party started in the digi world a week ago & oh my stars at the freebies, the sales, the games, give-a-ways & so forth. ¬†My girls went NUTS. ¬†Micheline went inSANE with her eleventy thousand new releases & Amber went almost as nuts. ¬†I feel so bad for Meagan, she had jury duty all week. ¬†But even she managed to get out 2 awesome grab bags & a killer sale. ¬† While I haven’t had a chance yet to get to ALL the new goodies, I’m working on it!

tween boysnarcoleptic laptopI heart my Nook

I just can’t believe my babies are growing up so fast. ¬†Tweens now. ¬†How did this happen? ¬†Just yesterday we gained custody of Sean & Justin was born. ¬†How can they be 11 & 9 already?!

Yeah, I’ve been having issues with my laptop. ¬†It’s recently been showing major signs of having narcolepsy. ¬† Like just going to sleep in the middle of stuff.

And well, we all know my obsession with my Nook. ¬†It’s never more than arm’s length away & I feel like I’m missing a part of me if the battery is dead.

Oh, in other news, I took Bailey to the vet to be chipped. ¬†Ever since our boxer was stolen from our yard in Kansas City, I’ve been adamant about having my animals chipped. The first time I took Abby, she was all of 2 lbs & the needle was kinda large they use for chipping. ¬†The vet was all “Are you sure?” ¬†Um yeah. ¬†Turns out she was already chipped. ¬†But Bailey wasn’t, so now she is. ¬†And she’s a whole 51 lbs of¬†marshmallow. ¬† Love this girl!!

And it’s finally starting to feel like Spring up here in Michigan. ¬†I have officially broken out the flip flops & will NOT be putting regular shoes on again til as late into Fall as I can. ¬†And with the fact that we’re *really* hoping to move out of Michigan & move back down South, Fall will start a lot later than it does here. ¬†lol ¬†Speaking of Spring, time to get up & do some Spring cleaning. ¬†Throw those windows wide, let as much fresh air in here as I can. ¬†Tomorrow night Nick has a softball game (even tho he has a fractured foot) & I’m hoping to meet up with a friend of mine from Kansas City who just moved here (who’s husband is actually Nicks replacement here) so I’m thinking I won’t be around much tomorrow. ¬†Pus I still have new goodies I need to scrap with! ¬†Ya’ll have a fabulous day!

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