After fighting w/my blog for a while, I’m back.  YAY!  I can actually log in.  Kidlets are SOOO tired today.  They spent the night with my great friends Kim & Scott last night.  Kim & Scott & their 4 kids are up from Texas for the new baby’s christening & to see what all damage was done to their house they were renting out.  It was TRASHED.  But they got it cleaned & painted & it looks great.  They have to get someone out to fix the gutter these goobers backed the U-Haul into when they moved out got evicted.  Yeah, they hit the house.  Goobers.

Spring Break starts Friday when the boys get out of school (it’s also picture day!).  Shane’s going to his Dad’s & I was talking with Kim about me & the boys coming down to Texas.  Then I talked to my mom on the way home & was reminded that I haven’t been home in 4 years.  To Ft Worth is 8 hours.  To Montgomery, AL is 12 hours.  YIKES.  I looked at flights, it’d be $900 easy for just me, Sean & Justin.  And I’d have to bring Abby.  I mean I could drive it, yeah.  But with 2 little boys who want to eat all the time & have to pee every 15 minutes when we’re in the car (OK, I’m exaggerating a bit) but that 12 hour drive could turn into much longer.  *sigh*  I would so love to go back home, but I’m kinda not seeing it happen right now.  Dangit.

Anywho, I’ve got a few layouts that I’ve done since I couldn’t get into my blog.  Here they are:






Those are my newest LOs.  I need to get myself into PSCS 4 & start designing again.  I’m hoping my designing mojo comes back.  I so miss it.

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