Have ya’ll done the FlyLady thing?  I am & I’m loving it.  It makes for keeping the house clean SO much easier.  If you’re not following the program (sounds like a 12 step or something!) this is what I’m going to be doing tomorrow:

“Zone 4: Mission #3 Wednesday

Dear Friends,

Wednesday is Anti-procrastination Day. We are going to straighten
up the floor of your closet! No more putting this off!!!!

Do you think you have too many shoes? While you are lining up
your shoes; pick two pair to give away or throw away. The next time
you are looking for the pair of shoes that match your outfit, you
will smile because you will be able to find them without getting
down on your hands and knees. This will put another smile on your
face and keep your hair from getting messed up!

Practice smiling!


Now I don’t have a whole lot of shoes.  Shoes are not my ‘thing’.  Purses are.  BUT I have culled out a whole bunch of those & don’t have too many left.  But right now my thing in my closet is the pile of clothes for donation.  I’ve been pulling clothes out, folding them up & put em in a pile on the floor of my closet.  I’ve got a pretty good pile going on (down 25 lbs now! woohoo) but when I go out I always forget to get them to take to Goodwill.

One Response to “FlyLady”

  1. Heidi says:

    When I have clothes to donate, I bag them up and then put them in my car. That way I have a better chance of driving by one of those bins and dropping them in. In fact there is one in my supermarket parking lot, so I can do it on my weekly shopping trip.

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