I made it home to see my Grandmama on Saturday, Sept 25, went straight to her house from the airport & sat with her for a few hours.  Something told me I should spend the night there, but I didn’t.  I went on to my mom & dad’s house for the night.  Well, Grandmama passed on at around 3 AM.  My aunt says Grandmama was waiting for me to get there.  She’s in a better place & isn’t suffering any more.  Her obit is available here (she’s the 2nd listed under Leak-Memory Chapel) & here’s a little memorial done by the funeral home.  Here’s a poem she wrote back in February 2001.

“Toll Free Call to Heaven”

We have a direct line to heaven,

Our names are on the roll,

No extra numbers, to punch in,

And we’re never put on hold.

You get no busy signals,

The line is always clear,

He’s ready, and waiting,

All your burdens, he will hear.

You don’t have to call the operator,

Just dial straight through.

There’s no long distance charges,

He just wants to talk to you.

He gives you no sales speeches,

He makes no demands,

He listens to all your troubles,

And He will always understand.

If you do not have his number’

Just dial L_O_V_E,

It’s on the pages of the bible,

Written for you and me.

He will always give directions’

If you have lost your way,

Call toll free to “Heaven”

And talk to “Jesus” today.

By Voncille Watson

February 26, 2001

I love you, Grandmama, & I miss you.

2 Responses to “Grandmama”

  1. Anisah says:

    I’m really sorry about your grandma.



  2. Heather says:

    Kari, I love you girl. I am so sorry you lost your grandma! She was a beautiful woman! That poem brought tears to my eyes! If you need me, I’m here, and I’ll try not to start crying on you again. 🙂

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