Happy Spring!


Wanna see what we got for the first day of Spring??

This was when I got up Saturday morning (around 8 AM):

This is what I saw when we left (at around 11:45) to go to Bonner Springs, KS for the christening & lunch at Papa Bob’s BBQ. (I swear it’s about the best I’ve ever had!!):

This is what Shane & I saw when we got home at around 6:30.  We went over to Kim & Scott’s for a bit & to drop the kidlets off for them to spend the night.  I think their daughter, Bethany, has a crush on Justin.  She wanted to sleep in the room with the boys & she wanted to lay next to Justin.  YIKES!  lol  Anyway, this is what we saw when we got home Saturday night:

Yep, all 3 of those pics are of the same thing.  The grill out back.  Do you SEE how much flippin snow we got??  On the first day of Spring?!  Happy Spring, now go shovel the driveway.  bwahahaha  Seriously, I am SOOOOO over winter & the cold.  I’m ready for warmer temps.  Oh, did I mention that Friday I had the doors & windows open?  Oh yeah, we got into the 60’s!!  Then snow that night.  How messed up is that?

One Response to “Happy Spring!”

  1. Beth Fuller says:

    GIRL….you and me both. I am so over this white stuff. Bring on the summer!!!!

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