iFlash® 2 Pack of Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


I have to say, this was by far the easiest screen protector EVER to apply.


My husband just got a new iPad for work & he applied a regular screen protector on it. Holy SMOKES at the bubbles. There were bubbles on top of bubbles.  This was delivered the other day, but he didn’t have a chance to put it on until today. He thought it was going to take a while & be difficult. It took all of 3 minutes, if that.


Smooth, SUPER easy to apply, and best of all, no bubbles! It looks like it was put on by a professional. Actually, you can’t even see it, it doesn’t show at ALL.



It comes with tape tabs for the corners, wipes to makes sure the surface is clean & a little dust remover tab if there’s dust under the glass.


My husband didn’t even need any of the tabs, it went on that easy. He said if he had known it was that easy to put on, he would have done it days ago cause the bubbles were getting to him. And another really awesome feature? There’s 2 screen protectors in the pack! You won’t be disappointed!  You can pick yours up here.

Kari 1
*Disclaimer: I received this item free or deeply discounted in exchange for my honest review.*

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