Java Factory Choconut flavored coffee review


This coffee is so delicious!  I’m not usually a hot coffee drinker (I’m more of an iced coffee kinda girl) but this coffee might just change that!


First off, it smells amazing.  Just the smell coming off the KCup, not even brewing is wonderful.


Brewing & in your cup?  Divine.  It’s a chocolate coconut flavor, two flavors I wouldn’t really expect to see together in a coffee, but it really works.  First sip you get a little bit of chocolate, then at the end of the swallow you get that little bit of coconut.  It’s not a strong overpowering flavor, but a nice, smooth flavor that doesn’t get in the way of the smoothness of the coffee.  And there’s absolutely no bitterness in the coffee.  Like I said, I’m not usually a hot coffee drinker, but I’ve had this every morning for the last week.  This could possibly change my mind about hot coffee.  And I still can’t get over the price.  It’s SUPER competitive to the bigger named coffee brands & it tastes better!  You can pick up your box here.  They offer different size boxes PLUS the subscribe & save option or you can do a one time purchase.  Trust me when I say, it won’t be a one time purchase!


*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review.  All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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