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Well, my parents are coming up tomorrow (Saturday) to get the boys.  They’ll be staying a few days, I’m thinking til maybe Wednesday or so.  I had asked them if they could stay til my birthday (on Tuesday) & they said they would.  Seriously, what am I going to do for 2 whole months without my kiddos & my dog??  According to Nick, I get to listen to fudging geese fudging all the time.  (fudging is from an episode of Supernatural where Dean uses the word fudge for a certain swear word).  I laughed and I mean LAUGHED when Nick first told me about the geese.  I’m still laughing.

Still no word on when we’re moving.  Nick still hasn’t heard from TMO yet.  Last we heard, they were trying to find movers.  Now he’s not going to be able to be here for my birthday.  Which sucks, but it happens.  🙁  But we will be going to Fresno at the end of July for 2 weeks.  Not sure of the exact date (with the military, there’s no telling) but as of right now, it’s on! lol

OK, here’s a few new layouts I’ve done, then I need to scoot & pick up some.  And work on the mountain of laundry that piles up.  I swear, we can be all caught up on clothes, go 2 days & it looks like we haven’t washed clothes in a month or 2.  It really is pitiful. lol




Aight, time to go clean up some.  Who wants to do it for me?  Any takers?  Yeah, I didn’t think so. lol

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