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As you may know, we’re getting ready to move.  I’m not wanting to, but those in the military life knows that home is where they send us.  We’ve been here 5 1/2 years & we’ve kinda put down roots.  The boys love their schools, Shane’s only got 2 years left (ACK!) & we’ve all got friends here.  I am SO going to miss my girls.  Originally we were going to be here until May 31.  Well, Nick (who has been gone since mid February) wants to be on the road before Memorial Day weekend.  That’s the weekend after my birthday.  And the boys don’t get out of school until May 28th.  The school board here added a few days cause of all the snow days we had.  That throws another big ol wrench in our plans.  Shane has to talk to his teachers & ask if he can take his finals early.  Nick wants the TMO folks to come pack us up the weekend of the 22nd – 23rd.

Birthday/going away thing at the Amore Chocolate Pizza Co. given by Kerry.  *sniff* What am I gonna do w/out the other half of myself?  lol  We’re already talking visits.

Woops, there goes the timer.  Dinner’s ready.  Gotta feed the chillens before they start gnawing on each other.

I’ve got a couple new LOs to share:




Oh, and I’m getting back in the designing thing, so keep an eye on my right sidebar for some fun news!!

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  1. Kristine says:

    Good luck with the move girl! 😉

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