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As many of y’all know, we adopted a large dog a few years ago.  A staffordshire terrier mix.  Basically a pit bull.  Biggest baby ever.  Anyway, I needed a new collar for her.  Her old collar was all stained & dirty & I couldn’t find one like I had gotten before.  So I tried a few different ones from a large pet care store.  She’s not really a puller when she’s on her leash, but at the beginning of the walk she does pull a little, then she settles down.  Anyway, the collars I had gotten would pop open.  Not exactly something you want to happen when you’re walking down the sidewalk with a bully breed.  She listens, she wouldn’t run (except maybe after a squirrel) but still.  I don’t want her collar popping open.  I received a collar from Majestic Pets & I was hopeful, but I had reservations.


What I noticed first was the bright color.  I absolutely love this bright pink.  It’s a little more narrow than some of the other collars I’ve tried (she’s around 55 lbs, so I ordered the medium) but it fit her really well.  The closure is really easy to open, but I was really surprised at how well it stays closed.  This is the part that had popped open on other collars.  We’ve been on a few walks & with her pulling a little at the beginning of the walk, this collar has stayed on.  It got wet the other day in the rain, and the color didn’t bleed off the collar onto her fur.




It’s a little narrower than her old collar and she actually scratches at this less, so I think she likes this one better.


Bailey gives this Majestic Pets collar 2 ears up & a woof.  You can pick up yours here. They have lots of great colors and they offer a variety of sizes.  #majesticpet

Kari 3

*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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