Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, 16 Oz


I’ve wanted to try coconut oil for a while and I was thrilled to get the chance to review this.  I’ve gotten a few different products from Majestic Pure before & I’ve always been really happy.  When I read that coconut oil can help with a sunburn?  I was THRILLED.  We went to a race a few days before this arrived & me, being Ms Casper, got burnt. OK, not just burnt, I got blistered.  I had blisters on my neck.  I used sunscreen & I even reapplied multiple times.  Every time I reapplied to the boys, I reapplied to myself.  I was the only one who got burnt.  Figures. lol  ANYWAY, I researched uses for coconut oil & holy cow!  There’s SO many uses & one of the many uses I found is it’s good for sunburns, once the heat is gone.  I wondered how this could help with my sunburn.  That was first in my mind.  The bottle arrived & it was a large bottle.  Larger than I expected.  There’s a screw on top & it came with a pump.


Since I’m not home, I was hesitant to try the pump.  I didn’t know how easy it would be to close when I got ready to go home.  But I did try the pump.  I think personally that a flip top lid would be better than the screw on lid, with the option of using the pump.  This oil is very thin, so when I pumped it into my hand, it kind of went everywhere.  How I applied it to my neck was I pumped a small amount onto a tissue & blotted where I wanted it.  I tried to close the pump, and as I was afraid of, it’s kind of hard to close.  But this oil absorbed quickly and very surprisingly it doesn’t leave an oily feeling.  And there’s no scent. I honestly expected at least a light coconut scent.  Nope, scent free, so this would be great for mixing essential oils.

How did it work for my sunburn you ask?  Well…take a look:

Immediately after the blisters showed up:

oil 1

After 3 days using the coconut oil twice a day:

oil 2

Peeling some, but no where NEAR as bad as usual.

And this is 5 days after starting to use the coconut oil:

oil 3

It looks AMAZING.  You’d almost never know I was blistered as bad as I was.  Yes, it’s been just over a week, but I have NEVER healed this fast & this well ever from a sunburn.  And I’ve been sunburnt.  A lot.  So I do have to say this works.  At least for sunburns. I can’t wait to get home & explore more uses (I don’t have my oils here with me to mix).  Run, don’t walk to get your own bottle here.   #MPfractionatedcoconutoil

Kari 3
*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.*

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