more LOs & yappin


I’m on a scrappin roll!!  And I’m still completely LOVING my new look.



(I used Connie Prince’s Best Days of your Life kit for the card)

I know, I know, I should have posted this WAY earlier today.  I want to wish my Gramma a VERY happy birthday.  Don’t tell anyone, but it’s her 80th.  Love you bunches Gramma!!!!

I just checked the status of my Mary Kay inventory order while I was talking to my friend Hayley (she’s the one who got me back into MK – thanks Hayley!! *kisses*) & literally squealed.  It’s in transit!!!  I’m hoping it gets here tomorrow, but I’m looking more at Friday.

We decided to move Sean back into Justin’s room (so they can share a room, don’t know yet what housing will be like when we move, so I figure go ahead & get them used to sharing again!) but poor Sean’s room gets so cold in the winter.  His room is on the outside corner (right across the hall from mine) like mine & those 2 rooms are always so cold.  When it’s really cold like it’s been lately I just let him sleep with me.  He talks me to sleep.  lol  I think I’m going to put my Mary Kay store in that room Sean’s leaving.  It doesn’t freeze in there (just gets cold) so my products will be OK.  The boys are all excited about my new business venture.  They both wanted to carry my business cards to school with them.  My lil sweethearts.

Welp, I’ve got the start of a headache so I think I’m going to go ahead & head off to bed.  Seeing as it’s 19* outside, I’m betting Sean’s in my bed & once I put Abby in there, we’ll all be toasty warm.  Ya’ll have a great night!!!

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