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I know, I’ve been slacking on posting here.  Things have been nuts here, but calming down some.  I don’t know how I’m going to get any scrapping done..the boys get out of school on Friday.  They have half days Thursday & Friday, then out for the summer.  Shane has a half day today all the way thru Friday.  After Friday, my child will be a senior in high school.  How did this happen?!  I know I ask that on a regular basis.  But seriously, how did he grow up this fast?

Here’s my new pages, while I go wander aimlessly muttering to myself about how my kids are growing up way too fast.

brotherly love


simply beautiful

keepin it cool in the pool

you are my sunshine

how I deal

double daffodils

a letter to my birth mother

my wish for you

I thought I had lost a whole bunch of baby pics of the boys, but it turns out my mother in law had copies!  Thanks soooo much!

Well, dryer just dinged so I need to move clothes thru.  I swear laundry is the bane of my existence.

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