more pages & Cars 2


I swear, if Justin hadn’t reminded me (on a daily basis) that Cars 2 was coming out today, I might have missed it.  *note the sarcasm*  I honestly wonder if his feet have touched the ground today.  He is psyched about this movie!!

I have a few new pages, then I think I’m going to go chill with my kiddos & watch a movie or 2.  Think we’ll wait til Nick gets home to go see Cars 2.  We’re in the middle of another wet, rainy day here & it’s really on the cool side.  66* right now.

summer in bloom

these are the moments

splish splash

moments to treasure

butterfly garden


that dumb, lame camera

ice fishing

That’s it for now.  Gonna chill & watch some movies or play some games with the boys now.

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