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I meant to brag about this the other day but somehow, I ended up typing everything backwards.  It was weird!!  I had to reboot, and well, we all know how quick I lose a train of thought…hehe  ANYWHO, ya’ll remember me talking about my friend Candice?  Janaiyah’s mama?  Well, she was set to have a scheduled c-section on May 19th.  Wellllllll, Lil Bit decided she didn’t want to wait that long.  Amani DeShaun was born at 7:20 AM April 27th.  She weighed in at a whopping 4 lbs, 14 oz & was 18 inches long.  Both Mama & baby are doing great.  They are both home now & lil Mouse (as Mama & Daddy) are calling her is just a tiny little perfect princess.  Big sister Janaiyah is all excited & just adores her lil sissy.

l_cba39f76a6464d63abed5e00ac4e2d64And yes, I’ve already scrapped a LO of her.


Got more LOs to share, so here they are!!



twilight42 (for the journaling challenge at DST for iNSD)

vampire43 (for the Simple Scrapper challenge at DST for iNSD)

I tell ya, I am completely hooked on Twilight.  I tried to resist.  And I did for a while.  But man, once you start, you can not put these books down.  And you just want more.

Welp, I guess I’ll scoot off here & get to work on my to-do list.  And no, no word on where we’re moving to yet.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  OOPS.  Yeah, we’re getting orders.  Don’t know where to yet.  But it’s NOT New York.  Thank GOODNESS.  Kerry’s talking hitmen, going all Tonya Harding on Nick…so hopefully it’ll at least be somewhere close by.  Since I doubt we’ll get Florida.  Which sucks rocks, cause dude, I could SO see myself in Florida.  But we’ll see in the next few days……

OK, Justin’s quite & that kinda scares me.  Either he’s into something (Sean’s room) or he’s asleep.  EESH.  Catch ya later, taters!!

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