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I’ve got a couple new LOs to share.  You know the drill, click the number under the LO for the credits.  fracture-no-more26



You can see the other LOs I’ve posted this year here.

We’ve still got snow.  And I found out the absolute sweetest thing about my hubs last night.  OK, y’all know how bad I want a good camera, right?  I mean I have an OK camera, but it’s just not fast enough to catch the boys’ antics or some of their faces that are just priceless.  (like yesterday when Sean decided he wanted to try lemon juice)  Well, we’ve been putting money aside each time we get paid (when he gets paid & when I get a support check for my oldest) for Disney.  Well, now that I”m babysitting I’m putting more aside.  I decided yesterday to put all of it up for my camera.  I’m hoping to have enough by the time we leave for Florida to have a good camera.  Well, I found out that Nick had planned on getting me a camera before we left.  He said he couldn’t just come out & say it cause he was trying to surprise me, but he saw me looking last night & doing some figuring & saw that I had put aside 90% of what Nani’s mama had paid me.  That’s going into the bank today.  So he spilled the beans.  He sweet is he?  These 2 cameras are the ones I’m looking at.  Here & here.  Do you have either one?  Do you know anyone who does?  Pros?  Cons?  This is another site I’m looking at.

OK, time to hop in the shower.  Shane’s got a doctor appointment at 1:40 & I have lots of things to get done today.

Have a great one!!

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  1. KimB says:

    Hey my friend- thanks soo much for the support and just wanted to let you know the freebie overlay has been re-uploaded. Linky is on my blog ;-0


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