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I have some new pages, going to share them before I forget.  Had a pretty awesome surprise last week, busy getting ready for our trip to Florida in 2 weeks (yes, I know it’s 2 weeks off, but dude, I have to prepare!!) so I’ve been pretty busy.  But here’s my new pages:

North_2_South pawprints_on_your_heart Bailey_bug Bonnie girl_power my_favorite_mouse

magical vacation

I couldn’t share this before, I hadn’t seen Nick to give him his Father’s Day gift!

father's day cards daddy

hi-tech diva I miss you Monorail memories the mouse is in the house

I love the ladies I work for!  Click on the images for full credits.  OK, time for me to go chill out for a bit, my head is splitting & my back is yelling at me.  Ya’ll have a great one!

Kari 2

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