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Wow.  My last post was on April 1, on Sean’s birthday.  April has been a roller coaster month of highs & lows, semi-warm days & more snow.  One of the big highs was that we added to our family on April 13.  We adopted a 2 1/2 year old Staffordshire terrier mix named Bailey.  She looks like a pit, I know.  And just FYI, I firmly believe certain dog breeds get a seriously bad rap due to ignorant owners.  Bailey is a big ol marshmallow.  She is also so incredibly well behaved, it’s unreal.  It’s very obvious that someone took a lot of time with her & trained her incredibly well.  To the Moran family, she is a treasure.  I fully understand your heartache in losing her, but please know that she is loved to the ends of the world here.  She is awesome with our boys, loves to be around us (touching one of us if at all possible) & just in general looks like she’s smiling & acts all happy.  Isn’t she beautiful?  These were taken the night we got her home, so she was understandably anxious.  She has settled in like a dream & is a puzzle piece to our family that we didn’t know we were missing.

IMG_20130414_203128_618  b IMG_20130414_202942_727

and of COURSE I’ve scrapped her!  What kind of doggy-mama would I be if I didn’t?!  I landed a guest spot with Memory Clips using her My Little Hero {Full Kit}  & I also scored a spot with Digital Designs by Amber Morrison on her CT & her blog team.

light it up blue  sleep  Winchester brothers  a boy autism Bailey 2 Bailey  I am

Yes, I kinda have a serious thing for Supernatural.  Love me some Sam & Dean.

In other news, our time here in Michigan seems to be winding down.  Nick is retiring in December & it’s time to begin a new adventure.  I’m excited.  We’ve been researching all these places we could go & we have a couple that have a huge lead in our looking.  I’m really really really hoping for down South.  Did I mention I really hope we move down South?  I just don’t know how much longer I can deal with winters that last 6 months.  Snow in late April.  Yeah, we had big ol fat flakes yesterday.  I broke out my capris & flip flops on Monday.  Then we have snow on Wednesday.  ugh

OK, time to get off here & figure out supper.  Ya’ll have a great night!

Kari She Is

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