OZ Naturals SPF 30 sunscreen


I had the opportunity to try out and review a sunscreen from OZ Naturals.




I LOVE this sunscreen. It goes on easy & absorbs quickly without leaving a tacky or greasy feeling like most sunscreen lotions I’ve tried. It’s perfect for the face (it’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores) & can be worn under makeup or on it’s own. Another plus for me was that it doesn’t have a strong smell. Most sun lotions I’ve come across have a strong coconut smell. While I like the smell of coconut, I don’t want to always smell like it. I’m very fair complected & I burn EASY. And after having quite a few skin cancer scares, I use sunscreen year round. My son is also very fair complected & he burns also. This was easy to apply even for him (wish sensory issues) and it kept us burn free after an afternoon in the sun. It doesn’t take much, so even though the tube is kind of smallish, it’ll still last. I love that I could pop it in my purse & it was ready to go & it didn’t take up a lot of room.


This is the best sunscreen I’ve come across & I’ve become a complete loyal fan of OZ Naturals!  This makes a perfect year round sunscreen, because remember, even in the fall & winter the sun is out.  You can get sunburned even in the winter!  You need protection.  Skin cancer is no joke & nothing to play with.  Protect yourself here.  #OZNaturals

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*Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.*

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