Some new LOs & rambling


Well, we were supposed to move on this coming Wednesday, the 15th.  But that’s been put on hold.  Don’t know where we’re moving to or when.  Found out DH has exercise induced asthma, which he found out the hard way.  Scared me half to death.  He’s always downplaying everything when it comes to himself.  So when he calls me from the hospital having tests run on his heart…oh yeah.  “No baby, don’t come up here.  I’m fine, it’s just a precaution.  I’ll be home shortly.”  Texting back & forth all day…yeah, I get that call at a little after 10 AM, he gets home after 4.  So the move is on hold now.

All in all for the last while I’ve been totally BLAH.  Scrapping mojo is pfft, designing mojo is pfft.  I think it’s lack of sleep.  Nick’s been out bowling or playing volleyball until the wee hours & I just do not sleep well unless he’s home.  And last night we had some bad thunderboomers.  I ended up with Sean in bed with me & Abby was pacing.  She never paces when she’s in the bed.  She finally settled down when she crawled under my pillow.  So I spent last night wedged between 2 bed hogs who are both pretty small.  lol  Oh, and my next door neighbor’s dog is seriously driving me nuts.  This poor dog is left outside all the time & she barks.  All.  Night.  Long.  And she has a loud bark.  Add the fact that she’s right by my bedroom window, and they leave their driveway light on every night, it’s a wonder Sean & I get any sleep!  Nick can sleep thru anything.  Sean is a very light sleeper.  His bedroom is right across the hall from mine, so we both hear the bog barking & get the light.  But last night, when I heard that first big roll of thunder, I knew it would only be a matter of a few minutes before he was in there with me.  And there he was!  Poor baby’s had a headache today.  Lack of sleep I think.  Where was Nick in all this?  He got home last night/this morning around 2:30ish & he’ll sleep on the couch if I’m already asleep & he smells like smoke.  He knows that smell gives me a migraine, sooooooo.  Anywho…I have a few new LOs to share then I’m going to bed.

PeterPan & Wendy b


1127 E 31st b


3028 Bellefontaine b




My sweet baby boy


Ostrich Eggs


Nite all!!

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m sorry! I wished I could help. You no how to contact me if I CAN help. Big Hugs!

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