Stalion® Selfie Stick


I had heard the hype about selfie sticks but had never seen one in use until we spent a week at Disney. I saw so many get confiscated at the gates (they aren’t allowed in the parks), it made me even more curious about them.   (Even with all the grief I got from my hubs about wanting to try a selfie stick.)  Then I had the chance to try one.



Oh man, this thing is NEAT! It allows you to get a wider shot & more people in your pics than just arm’s length. I couldn’t get a pic with my kids, cause teenage attitude, but I can see where this would be great for getting more than 2 people in a shot.


(Yeah, I was all lonely)

I know when I would try to take a pic with myself & anyone else, we were always smooshed together or off center, but with this, it’ll be like having a tripod & a timer. You sync it to your phone using bluetooth after you charge the selfie stick & you’re in business. It’s so easy to use, it’s just unreal. And it folds up to nothing.



It’s just a little bit longer than my hand & I would say this would almost fit in your pocket. It would definitely fit into a bag, purse or backpack & not take up much room at all. I will say that if you’re traveling, to make sure selfie sticks are allowed at your destination. All in all, this is a neat little add on to your phone & it’ll help make taking selfies so much easier!  You can grab yours here.

Kari 4

*Disclaimer: I received this product free or deeply discounted in exchange for my honest opinion.*

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