Still oh so sore


I got up Sunday morning & started cleaning house.  I was sooooo sore by Sunday afternoon I almost couldn’t move.  Monday, oh my stars.  I definitely couldn’t move.  I dunno what I did, but I swear I had body parts I didn’t even know I had that were hurting.  And the sunburn I got Saturday at the airshow really didn’t help.  lol But oh man, the airshow was soooo cool.  Justin hated the noise.  Sean?  Oh he was lovin it.  Shane was being a typical 15 year old.  Meaning he was being all unsociable & stayed home.

I’ve got a couple new layouts to share.  Here they are…then I’ve got to get moving on cleaning again.  I can move today.  lol  We should be hearing something pretty soon on a set of orders, so we’re trying to get the house ready to move.

2nd grade b


Fred & Darlene90

OK, so who wants to be really really really nice & come clean house for me???  Awww come on, someone has to be feeling & generous & junk.  No?  Well crap.  OK, I’ll remember this.  lol

One Response to “Still oh so sore”

  1. Kristine says:

    I’ll come clean and a purge your house if ya keep me in alcohol and make me a feed of chicken friend steak!!!! 😛 You may be sorry when I’m done though…. 😛

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