Sweet’N Low


I recently got a sample pack of Sweet’N Low from Crowdtap.


Being from the South, I sweeten everything.  I live on tea.  Unsweet tea is nothing but dirt water.  They suggested mixing up alcoholic drinks, but I’m not a drinker.  Give me tea & I’m happy.  Although a friend of mine did give me recipe for iced coffee that is to die for!  Check it out:


This is how you make it….all credit goes to my girl, Latrice!

Latrice’s iced coffee

cold coffee
Sweet N Low packets (I use 2 packets)
Vanilla flavor (I use Torani sugar free french vanilla. French vanilla is better than regular vanilla. Trust me on this one)
half n half cream (I get the box of individual creamers because 1 is perfect)
lowfat milk
I make my coffee by the cup with my Keurig, 1 cup makes about 3-4 iced coffees- depending on how strong of a coffee taste you like.

Once your coffee is cold,get your coffee cup of choice. Mine is a 24 ounce cup, but that doesn’t matter much. You will figure out how much of each ingredient you like for your taste. So fill the cup half full with ice. Then pour the cold coffee in to 2/3 if you like it milder or 3/4 if you like it stronger. Then add a creamer (this is important because it adds just enough richness that you don’t feel cheated, but it’s also not a buttload of calories), and your Sweet N Low, and 2 Tbsp vanilla flavor (sometimes I use 3 Tbsp). Then pour lowfat milk until the cup is full. Stir carefully and prepare yourself for a heavenly beverage.


My dad uses it in his tea now that he can’t have much sugar due to his diabetes.


It’s also great for sweetening your coffee or hot tea:


Sweet’N Low is a great substitute for sugar.

Kari 2

*Disclaimer: I got this product free in exchange for my honest review.*

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