This is just not his week!


This week is just not going well for the hubs.  First, the absolutely frikkin HIDEOUS lovely pink phone.  Now this.  He left this morning around 8:30 to go to Michigan.  I got a text from him a few minutes ago.  It went something like this:

DH: I’m a dumba$$

me: Ummmm, OK.  Why for?  (not arguing w/him on this one)

DH: I can’t do math.  Thought Saturday was the 15th.

me: Nope, Friday is, why?

DH: if I left work on the 5th & have 10 days off, when do I have to be back?

me: OOPS

DH: Just turned around. Went 422 miles.

me: Shane is LOL at you & your 844 mile scenic drive.

DH: yeah, he may get one, off the end of my foot.

See?  This is just NOT his week.  Kinda funny as all get out to me, tho.  At least he’ll be home when his replacement phone gets here.  Wonder if they’ll send a purple one?  bwahahaha  I’m so evil.

One Response to “This is just not his week!”

  1. Kristine says:

    WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!! sorry…my bad. 😛

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