Tips for Your Job Search – The Truths That Debunk the Myths

credit: jobadvice.tumblr.com

credit: jobadvice.tumblr.com


Tips for Your Job Search: The Truths That Debunk the Myths


Regardless of the length of your military career, re-entering civilian life can be a challenge. Unfortunately, every member of the military has heard some myths about job searching in the private sector. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the process, you need to find help learning the truth about what you will face. I’ve collected some of the most common myths here and paired them with the truths that debunk them. Hopefully, this will help you begin to see your transition in a new, more positive light.


Myth #1: There are no resources available to help veterans who want to start their own businesses.

Truth: Starting a business is a complicated process, and the hard work continues as you do your best to keep your business running. Several resources are available to military veterans who wish to become entrepreneurs, and many of these resources provide assistance long after the new business has been established.

Myth #2: You don’t have to sell yourself to employers.

Truth: Landing the job you want really is up to you. In all your communication with potential employers, focus on highlighting your strengths and provide concrete examples of ways in which you can be an asset to their business. It’s your job as an applicant to convince your potential employer that they’ll be missing out if they don’t choose you for the position.

Myth #3: Because you have a service-connected disability, you will be unable to find and retain gainful employment.

Truth: Many disabled veterans hold good, stable jobs, and the government offers assistance to anyone with a service-related injury who needs help finding employment. Programs exist to supply on-the-job training, case management, career counseling, vocational rehabilitation and more to disabled veterans.

Myth #4: Applying to jobs is a long and arduous task.

Truth: It may have once been a long, drawn-out process to apply for any job. Today, however, companies are aware of the need to attract the best talent possible. Toward this end, many top employers have streamlined the application process by using mobile recruiting services, like JIBE. For many of the best open positions, you will be able to simply upload your resume and other pertinent documents via your tablet or smartphone.

There’s no doubt that any transition in life comes with its share of challenges. If you actively plan for success in your new career, you have a great chance at finding the job that you’ve always wanted.

Emma is a mid 20-something year old with a passion for life, love, fitness, and helping others. She loves to be active and get involved in as many sport and community activities as possible. Emma is currently studying to become a Career & Life Coach, and loves to network with people from around the world! Check out Emma’s blog at http://smileasithappens.blogspot.com/



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