Tk Choice Silicone Wedding Ring for Men and Women


This is a great, unconventional, band. It’s absolutely PERFECT for those that work with their hands or can’t wear a traditional wedding ring for whatever reason.



My husband hasn’t been able to wear his wedding band for years due to his job. When he was active duty military, he would have to take it off for PT (pull ups with a ring on can HURT) & now he works on trucks, hands all in tight places. Well, he tried wearing his band & he sliced his finger. This silicone band has a crazy amount of give, there’s NO & I mean absolute zero chance of this happening while wearing this silicone band.


And it looks really cool! I got the silvery band for my husband, since our wedding rings are white gold. The silver looks more gray, but it still looks great. He wears a 10.5, so I ordered a Large, I probably should have gone with an 11, he said it was very snug, but not unbearable. There is a small amount of give in this band. All in all, I think it looks really good on him, and it’s safe for him to wear a wedding ring again. Win/Win!  You can get your own TK Choice silicone band here.  #TKCHOICE

Kari 2

*Disclaimer: I received this product free or deeply discounted in exchange for my honest review.*

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