I am tired.  Kerry & I took the boys to the arboretum, and lemme tell ya, I am wore out.  So is Justin.  He just fell asleep on the couch & fell off onto the floor & never woke up.  Never lost his thumb, either.  Yeah, he’s a thumb sucker.  Done everything I can to get him to stop.  Anyway, we get there, I get like 3 pics, then my freakin battery dies on my camera!  UGH.  So Kerry & I shared hers.  She even let the boys take pics.  (with one of us holding the camera, of course)  Boy did they love that!  I got burnt today.  I need to remember to put sunscreen on!  lol  I spent a week in Florida & didn’t get burnt, I stay home & get burnt twice in a week.  Yes, I said boys.  Sean started coughing on Friday so with all the flu going around I kept him home today to go to the doc, just to be on the safe side.  He went to the doctor, he’s got an ear infection which is causing the cough.  Not contagious.  Meaning he can go back to school tomorrow.  Sorry dude.  lol

Anywho, I’ve got a couple of LOs to share, then I am taking my tired behind to bed.





OK, time to go to bed.  I’ve had it.  I’m going to get my aloe out of the fridge, put it on my sunburn & call it done.

Oh, we’re still looking for a house.  Still not sure even where we’re going to live yet once we move.  I would LOVE to go out to DC with Nick when he goes house hunting, but we don’t have anyone to stay with the boys.  I wish my Mama could come out.  I know the boys would looove having Nana all to themselves for a few days to a week.  Shoot, these kids would be so spoiled.  The dog, too.  lol  We saw some very pretty houses online, have a few to look into, but that’s if we can’t get housing on base.  I think.  Heck, I dunno.  I’m just going to smile & nod at this point.  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the whole moving to DC thing.

Now I’m talking out the side of my head & I’m rambling, which I tend to do once I get really tired.  So I’m going to close now with a good night & ya’ll have a great one!!

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