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I know, I said I was going to do better about not saving all my new pages & more of the posting as I go thing.  But we had to move (yes, again..what is with us & not being able to stay in a house for longer than a year??)  The owners of our previous house ended up coming back 2 years early & well, they wanted their house back.  But we found a better one, so it’s all good.  Except for the unpacking part.  UUUGH.  I had my parents here for close to 2 weeks, we had James down for a week, then we moved.  Sounds like oh so much fun, right?  Well, again, the moving part.  UUUGH.  Now Nick’s in Vegas for work, but he comes home Saturday.  Shane’s still at his dad’s, but he comes home Saturday, too.  YAY!!  But then I leave on Sunday for Vegas.  hehe  But the kidlets & I have had the house to ourselves for a few days & we’ve been trying to get unpacked.  How did we end up with so much crap?  Seriously, I think those boxes are multiplying.  I can only hope Nick’s impressed with what I get (got?) accomplished while he was gone.

OK, so here’s my new pages: (get some coffee & get comfy)


visiting Canada




sweet feet

66 Vette

my boy


funky feet


pedal power

so beautiful


magical meet

Can ya tell my Grandmama has been on my mind lately?  I miss her so much.


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