Tropicana 3 x Vitamin C & added Zinc


I don’t know about your house, but we love some juice around here.  So much so, that I can’t keep it in the house. It’s gone in like 2 days.  I’m lucky if I get half a glass!  With that being said, I made the mistake of telling my kids that we were going to be getting a bottle of Tropicana 3 x Vitamin C & added Zinc orange juice.  Every.  Day.  After that, I was asked “Mama, is the OJ here yet?  Mama, can I have some of the new OJ?”  It finally arrived.  The kids go NUTS.  I was sent a cold shipment on this juice from BzzAgent, so it wasn’t get a coupon & go to the store.  It was open the box & pour a glass.  Which is what they did.  I ALMOST couldn’t get a picture of the bottle before the boys snatched it.


Now what I used to do with my oldest was make OJ popsicles. Yeah,these 2 here are way too impatient for that.  They drank half the bottle the same day we got it!  Sean & Justin didn’t even wait for breakfast.  They absolutely loved the taste.  I was lucky to get half a glass!


Now, Tropicana has been my go to orange juice for years.  Some people (not naming names *side eyes the hubs*) will buy whatever’s least expensive.  I think that’s OK, with SOME stuff.  Some things, you really tell a difference.  And you can with this.  It’s not the most expensive juice, but it’s also not the cheapest.  But it does taste way better than the bargain stuff.  It has a fresher taste & tastes like fresh squeezed juice.  Now for the responsible parent type stuff, it’s got no added sugar, it’s fortified with three times the vitamin C & it has Zinc added.  It’s win/win, my kids love the taste, I love the added benefits for them.  Don’t wait, go out today & get a bottle for yourself!!

Kari 4

*Disclaimer: I received this product free in exchange for my honest review.*


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