Wednesday nights


Well, it’s Wednesday night again & Nick’s off bowling.  We leave in less than 10 days.  YIPPEEEEEE  OK, sorry ’bout that.  Got a wee bit excited.  I know, I flaked on my new release this week, but both stores were under going maintenance, sooooo I couldn’t upload.  But I DO want to tell you about the absolute BEST ad service.  Three Sisters is a rockin ad service.  Annnnd they’re having the grand opening of their forum this weekend!!!  Take a peek at it here.  There’s gonna be freebies!!

I’ve got a few LOs to show ya, then I’m going to take my tired behind to bed.  Someone kept me up all night kicking me.  Not mention any names *cough Justin cough*

Here’s the new LOs:



Alrighty, time to light a fire under Shane..he’s watching Mythbusters & they are blowing the crap out of anything & everything & he is loving it.  But he has school tomorrow & he’s got to get in the shower.  But everybody’s out of school on Friday & Monday.

Did I mention I’m ready to go yet??

One Response to “Wednesday nights”

  1. Angie says:

    great layouts girl, I hope you have a great weekend!!!

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