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Aug VoxBox1

I got the email that I was selected for this Wellness VoxBox the other day.  I have totally been stalking my mailbox ever since!!  Well, I got my Wellness VoxBox today.  Holy smokes at the stuff in there!!

There’s all kinds of great stuff in there!  Take a look:

Aug VoxBox2

There’s Attitude shampoo, Colgate Enamel Health Mouthwash, Jergen’s Wet Skin moisturizer, Olay Active Botanicals facial cleanser, an Urgent RX powder painkiller, and a sample of Attitude dish soap.  I can NOT wait to shower tonight!  lol  And with the ankle pain I’ve been having, I’ll be using that Urgent RX very soon!

Want to get in on the greatness?  Check out my link here: www.influenster.com/r/446291

Kari 2

*disclaimer: I was given these products free in exchange for my honest reviews*

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